Gaelle Sibaud – osteopath D.O – paris 16


Osteopathy for : ( as the following list is not exhaustive please feel free to contact Gaëlle Sibaud with any questions that you may have and to find out if osteopathic treatment may be suitable for you )

head and neck : headaches, whiplash injuries, sinus congestion, jaw inbalance and teeth grinding.

back : lumbago, back pain, constipation,muscles spams, menstrual pain,injury, pelvic pain, sciatica, digestives issues,general acute & chronic package and black painméchanical neck painsciatica & trapped nerves

upper limb : shoulder pain, elbow pain,hand pain,  tendonitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbowlower

limb : hip pain, knew pain, ankle sprain, heel and arch pain,cramp

chronic pain : arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis,fibromyalgia, rheumatic pain,artritic pain and stiffness,generalized joint pain &stiffness

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Je pratique une ostéopathie douce « basée sur des techniques tissulaires »Cabinet Medical pluridisciplinaire

Directions: Nearest tube stations are « Rue De La Pompe » (L9) and « Victor Hugo » (L2)

Gaëlle Sibaud 

ostéopathe D.O.

Bachelor of osteopathy degree from the

 » College Ostéopathie Européen »

(formation en 5 ans ). Etablissement agréer par le ministère de la santé.

D.U de psychosomatique Paris 5

Formations post graduate : baby ,pregnancy

Membre de L’Union Fédéral des Ostéopathes de Frances



osteopathy aims to treat not just the pain but the patient as a whole by improving the function of the body, influencing the structural components bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments, and by encouraging the  flow of blood and lymphatics, facilitating the body to heal itself using its own built in mechanisms. it can be helpful for people of all ages.

The Clinic :

119 rue de longchamp
75016 paris
tel :
consultation sur rdvs (Domicile, Cabinet) 


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